We've Seen It All and Can Help You Understand Your Credit Score, and How to Improve It

Life Happens... We Help You Get Back on Your Financial Feet.

The Mortgage Desk understands that life has its challenges. Whether it is the result of a:

  • Job-loss
  • Family Illness
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Business Shut Closure (as many have faced during the pandemic)

Major Credit Issues

When traditional options are not available, we can help. The Mortgage Desk Canada has access to a very broad range of top alternative and private lender options. These short term solutions help you get back on track, so that we can place you with a prime lender as soon as possible. We have seen all kinds of scenarios, and will be able to determine the best fit for your situation.

Judgements and Collections

These can have a major impact on your life and borrowing ability. We have the expertise to manage through this. We can also often negotiate a greatly reduced settlement with the creditor.


When declaring bankruptcy is part of your credit history, we can help you rebuild, using our vast lender network to find the best solutions to keep your home and get you back on your feet.

Home Foreclosure

In very severe cases of hardship, the inability to pay your mortgage may cause the bank to act in order to protect the funds they lent you. This process is called foreclosure, and has serious consequences on your ability to obtain a new mortgage. We have seen many such scenarios and know the options, rest assured.

Consumer Proposals

Here you may have had a credit counsellor or other service help reorganize your loans and credit cards,, and negotiate reduced payments or repayment amount. We know the next steps.

Thin or No Credit

Whether you have never used credit, or are newcomer to Canada and have yet to establish credit, we will guide you there.

Tax Arrears

Whether it’s owed to Canada Revenue Agency, Municipal Property Taxes or other government tax arrears, we can help, where traditional banks cannot.
Again, we have seen all scenarios, as many people experience credit challenges for a variety of response. Once we assess your situation and the best solutions, we will take next steps to improve your credit profile, so that we can help you build your financial framework for the future.


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